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Workflow templates - Document Your Processes
Workflow templates - Document Your Processes

Set up your templates to document your accounting processes and maintain work quality at scale

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Workflow templates help you document your accounting processes so your team can efficiently complete work and follow your firm's standards. This allows your firm to maintain work quality as you grow and delegate work to team members.

A workflow template is a guide or SOP that outlines exactly how to complete work.

Financial Cents already has a library of over a dozen ready-to-go workflow templates that you can use to create work. However, if preferred, you can customize our templates or even create your own.

How To Customize or Create Your Own Templates

*** Pro Tip*** Make sure to set up your tag automators.

*** Pro Tip*** If you create work from a template and then go back and edit the template after creating the work, the edits will not be applied to the work already created from that template. So make sure you finish setting up your templates before creating the work.

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