In this article, we will explain the main differences between FindThatLead and

Main advantages of using FindThatLead:

  • You will be able to discover many new contacts using each available tool.

  • The Prospector performs a web-wide search on various public sources. That means you can get a lot of information. The algorithm will retrieve it and verify the emails.

  • Send unlimited emails directly from FindThatLead.

  • Find emails and new customers with just a few clicks.

  • Ideal for: Outreach teams, sales teams and Recruiters looking to simplify the prospecting process.

Alternatively, here's what you get when you use

  • If you want to focus your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn, is the perfect tool for you.

  • Automate your LinkedIn account with a few clicks.

  • Send unlimited messages on LinkedIn directly from

  • Use the Auto-endorsement feature to endorse anyone's skills.

  • Download all the information in a CSV document and upload it to FTL to get the professional emails.

  • Use this option if Prospector does not produce the expected results or if you are filtering very specific job-titles that Prospector cannot find.

Remember that both tools are free, and we are working to connect and FTL to automate email generation within

Feel free to contact us at if you want more information about this.

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