• Log onto your Fingercheck account and navigate over to the “Setup” tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select “Policies Menu.”
  • From the policies menu, select "Maximum Hours" and then click on the blue "Add" button to create your new policy.
  • Now you can begin filling out your Maximum Hour policy information. Create a "Code" to label your policy and a "Description" that describes your policy. Then where it says Maximum Hour Type, you can specify your hours as being the maximum limit "PerPair," "PerDay," and "PerWeek." Choose the start day of the week, then select the "Action Type" as being:
  • CapAndException - Puts a cap on their hours within the time card and generates an exception
  • ExceptionOnly- Generates an exception but doesn't cap the hours
  • CapOnlyNoException - The hours are capped and no exception is flagged
  • NoCapNoException - Doesn't cap the hours or generate an exception
  • Note that putting a cap on the hours does not block your employees from working past their maximum hours. It merely caps their pay period hours within the time card, while still showing you all their punch activity and logged hours. By "Maximum Hours" enter your maximum hours limit, then click "Save."
  • Now it's time to create the actual exception. Click on "Exception Policies" in the left sidebar menu and click on the blue "Add" button.
  • You will be brought to the exception policy information window to begin filling out your exception policy. Fill out the fields as follows - create a "Code" to label your policy and a "Description" that describes your policy. Select the exception type you wish to make from the "Exception Type" drop-down menu. The type you're going to choose is "Over Hours." Note that "Over Hours" is different than "OverScheduledHours." "OverScheduledHours" operates in conjunction with the scheduling policy, whereas "OverHours" calculates the number of hours according to your maximum hour's policy. Lastly, to adjust how urgent the exception appears in your dashboard, you can choose from Low, Medium, or High by the "Exception Severity." The color changes according to the level you pick - Low is green, Medium is yellow, and High is red.
  • Now it's time to assign your maximum hour policy to the master profile so the system knows when to trigger an exception. Navigate over to your employees' master profile by going to the "Setup" tab and clicking on "System Menu."
  • Click on "Master Profiles" and use the drop-down menu next to "Maximum Hour Policy" to select the policy you've created. Then click "Save."
  • Once you have saved the policy in your master profile, an exception will be flagged within the Time Card whenever an employee goes over their max hours. Since we set our maximum hour policy to "CapAndException," you can see that our code "OH" appears each day our employee is over their hours, and that their pay period hours are capped at "40."

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