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Managing your data & security
Managing your data & security

πŸ”’ We take your data and privacy protection seriously

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First Draft Pro takes a security by design approach towards protecting your data. We take your data privacy very seriously, and we’ve built our platform using best practices for secure cloud applications. Read our privacy policy.

In summary

  • We only collect data that is necessary to provide an excellent service to you.

  • We only hold your data for the period that you are legitimately registered to use our service.

  • We will ensure that any data you delete from your account is purged within 30 days.

Reclaiming your data

You can register an account with Mine to request the deletion of data held in relation to your usage of First Draft Pro.

Please note that any data deletion requested from either First Draft Pro or CK Editor may mean that you are no longer able to use the service.

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