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How to redeem a discount voucher
How to redeem a discount voucher

🎁 Received a discount code for First Draft Pro? Here's how to redeem it.

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🎉 Got a First Draft Pro coupon? Great! First, you'll need to sign up for an account and log in to the app. Redeeming a discount code is a cinch from there:

Steps to Redeem Your Coupon

1. Open First Draft Pro: And hover over your profile picture to see your account menu.

2. Go to "Subscription Settings": It’s right there in your account menu.

3. Click on "Edit Subscription": Click it and you’re halfway there!

4. Select the option to "Apply Coupon"? Click and you’ll see a spot to type in your code.

5. Enter Your Code: Got it typed in? Great, now hit that blue arrow.

6. Don’t Forget to "Update Subscription": This confirms your changes and locks in the discount.

Good to Know

  • 60-Day Validity: Coupons are good for 60 days from the day you get them, so don’t let them sit too long!

  • Discount Duration: Your discount lasts for a certain period from the day you redeem it. How long exactly? That depends on the specific coupon you have.

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