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Write in typewriter mode
Write in typewriter mode

⌨️ How to turn on typewriter mode to keep your text in the centre of the screen as you type

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Typewriter Mode is designed to boost your focus and streamline your writing process. As the name suggests, this mode simulates the experience of using a typewriter by keeping the line of text you're currently typing in the centre of your screen.

It also eliminates the need to scroll as you write, allowing you to stay immersed in your work. This article will guide you on how to activate Typewriter Mode in First Draft Pro.

Benefits of Typewriter Mode

Typewriter Mode offers several benefits that can enhance your writing experience:

1. Increased Focus: By keeping the line you're typing at the centre of the screen, your eyes won't have to wander across the screen. This heightened focus can lead to increased productivity.

2. Reduced Strain: Since the line you're working on is always in the middle of the screen, you won't have to strain your eyes by constantly looking at different areas of your screen.

3. Smooth Writing Flow: Without manually scrolling as you write, you can maintain a smoother writing flow, enabling you to remain fully engrossed in your project.

Now that you know the benefits of Typewriter Mode, let's go through the steps to turn it on.

Turning On Typewriter Mode in First Draft Pro

1. Open Your Project: Navigate to your project dashboard and open the project you wish to work on by clicking on it.

2. Navigate to Your Manuscript: Once your project is open, locate the manuscript tab on the top navigation bar and click on it. This will open your manuscript.

3. Look for the Typewriter Icon: In the bottom toolbar of your manuscript page, you'll see a collection of icons. Look for the typewriter icon.

4. Activate Typewriter Mode: Click on the typewriter icon to turn on Typewriter Mode. Once activated, the line you're currently typing will automatically stay in the centre of your screen.

Typewriter Mode can significantly improve your writing experience on First Draft Pro by increasing focus and reducing eye strain. Remember, you can always turn off Typewriter Mode by clicking on the same typewriter icon.

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