Payment Processing on Fisher Guiding is:

  • 🔒 Online, Automatic, and Secure
  • 💳 Trip payments are made by credit card or debit card and processed by Stripe, the new standard in online payments
  • 📃 You will be emailed a receipt for your trips (you can also find your receipt after a trip is booked by going to Upcoming Trips in your account, selecting the trip, and clicking View Receipt.) Receipts include the trip details, deposit made, balance due if applicable, guide and client phone numbers (in the example below, phone numbers were intentionally cut off to be obscured).

⏰ Timing of Automatic Payments

If your trip is booked more than 7 days in advance:

  • Payment for the trip deposit (50% of total trip price) will be authorized once the guide approves your trip request and charged 2 business days later. This deposit is refundable if canceled more than 30 days in advance of your trip. Within 30 days, you'll need to ask your guide to "Enable Cancellation" (pictured below, this option is available to your guide) if you have a reason you'd like them to allow you to cancel the trip completely (not to reschedule).
  • The final 50% trip payment will be authorized the week of the trip (5 days before). This charge will be captured on the day of the trip.

If your trip is booked within 7 days of the trip date:

  • Your trip payment will be authorized in full (100% of the total trip price) when the guide approves your trip request and captured on the day of the trip.

🏦 Note: Authorizations place a hold on funds from your card, and the date of capture is when funds are actually transferred.

💵 Tipping Your Guide

  • While the price of trips is paid online, we ask that you remember to tip your guide, captain's mate, or lodging staff in person. Cash is almost always the preferred form of receiving a gratuity.

🛒 What to do if you have already booked but would like to add options for an additional price:

  • If you have confirmed with the guide what you would like to add to your trip but did not select at the time of booking, please contact us by emailing to confirm what you would like to add, and we can then add a charge for the additional option to your trip payment.

Processing Fee

  • When booking a trip, you will see a 2.9% service charge on the transaction. The 2.9% goes directly to Stripe for processing so that payment can be made easily by card and your information remains secure. 
  • We don't like fees either, but it's a small one to pay in exchange for the benefits of payment protection and the safety of your funds in case of any cancellation or dispute ✅.

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