In order to send a message to a guide, click Message Guide on a guide's listing page. You will need to be logged in to an account, or sign up with your email address for an account so that the guide's response can be sent to your email.

When sending messages, communicate as you would when trying to plan anything else. The guides you contact will receive an email notifying them of your message to respond to. Likewise, when a guide responds, you will be notified via your own email address. Click the Reply button in your email notification in order to get back to the message thread and respond.


  • Write out your questions to the guide. This helps the guide because they receive many inquiries in a day, and it can help them to respond in one place, whereas playing phone tag 📞🔄 sometimes gets difficult for guides who are often on the water for much of the day.  
  • Include the details a guide will need to know in order to answer your questions 🤔. For example, if your question is about the species of fish you can catch on a trip, tell the guide what dates or time of year you're considering for a trip.
  • Plan ahead of time and be patient: a guide may be with a current client on a trip, in a location without service, or on a multi-day trip. It is best to give enough time to respond and for both parties to understand that the other person may be busy at times during the planning stage.
  • When you're ready to book your trip, you can trust that your phone number and the guide's phone number will each be confirmed on the trip confirmation receipt that you each will have access to ✅.

What NOT to do:

  • Don't include emojis 😐, which will prevent the message from sending.
  • Reply within email to the email notification you receive about a message. Our support team will see your response 😉, but the guide won't unless you reply through the website.
  • Leave someone hanging 🙉... If a guide takes the time to answer questions or respond to your message, please follow up with a response out of respect even if your plans have changed. If you contact a guide about a specific date, they may have others contacting them about the same date. They're running a business to support themselves, so it will help them plan what potential clients to check in with to make sure they fill their own schedule.
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