Fisher Guiding currently has 270+ guide partners in 22 countries and counting... we're still growing, but we aim to provide a wide variety of options so that you can find exactly the type of guide you're looking for anywhere in the world. 🌏

Use the Search box on our home page, or from the header (pictured below) when you're on any other page, to search by location for guide listings.

On our home page, you can search just by location, or you can add the specific dates you're interested in and the group size you're planning for. 

If you do search by a specific date(s) 📅, guides that do not have availability on their calendar will not show up in search results. Similarly, if you search by group size 👥, guide listings will only show up if they can accommodate the number of guests you are planning for.

After you search by a location, you'll see the guide listings nearest to that location. On the search results pages, there will also be the option to use additional search filters. Check or uncheck the boxes to filter results so that guide listings will only be shown if they have trip options that match your search criteria (for example, deep sea fishing or fly fishing).

Our search results pages are set to show 6 guide listings at a time to keep results and the map from getting too cluttered. If you're searching in an area with many listings, continue browsing through the subsequent pages to see more results along with their location on the map. 

What If I Don't See Any Guide Listings In Search Results?

There's a chance we don't have anyone listed in your area yet. However, we'd be happy to help you find a guide for what you're looking for. Please bear in mind that we are still growing and have not been able to recruit and partner with guides in every location yet, as we take the time to research our partners and help them get set up properly as they sign up. We'd love to help you find what you need though, and it will even help us find a good option for future anglers looking in the same area. Email us or call (707) 702-3474 with what you're looking for!

Thanks for reading, and fish on! 🎣

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