Trips booked on Fisher Guiding can easily be rescheduled whenever necessary. 

Though, only the guide (or charter, etc.) has the ability to change a trip date since they need to be able to manage trip dates based on their overall schedule. The guide's view of the option to change a trip date is shown below.

If you are a client who wishes to reschedule your trip to a new date, this means you should send a message to the guide to ask them if it is possible to reschedule to a new date. We recommend sending this message within the existing thread for an upcoming trip (not as a new separate message) so that it is easier for the guide to keep track of. We also recommend telling the guide which date(s) would work to reschedule to or asking what other dates may be available.

Guides also know that, if they see the need to reschedule a trip date due to weather or for another reason, they are instructed to first confirm a new date that will work for the client.

For any trips that must be cancelled due to weather or a force majeure event and cannot be rescheduled to a date that works for both guide and client, a full refund is provided. Here is a link to the full Fisher Guiding Cancellation & Refund Policy.

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