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Getting Started with Fit Brokoli
Step-by-Step Subscription Activation
Step-by-Step Subscription Activation

How to start your subscription

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  1. Check out www.fitbrokoli.com to see how Fit Brokoli works, our diet approaches and more.

  2. When you decide to create your account, first click Register.

  3. After you complete your registration, you can select a subscription plan from Subscription Plans page.

  4. Schedule an appointment that suits you best.

  5. When you complete your payment, you can start chatting with your Bro from Whatsapp.

Actions You Can Take After Confirmation of Your Subscription

  • Purchase Additional Appointments

After activating your subscription plan, you can purchase additional appointments if you wish. You can follow the above order steps to purchase additional appointments.

  • Subscription cancellation and refund

If you want to completely cancel your subscription or reverse your transaction, you can perform the cancellation process from my subscription page.

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