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Payouts on plan sales
Payouts on plan sales

How are Pro's paid?

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Getting paid is easy with FitnessPlans.

Payouts are made on the fifth day of each calendar month.

Payouts include (1) Playshare earnings and (2) eCommerce commissions.

Playshare Earnings

The playshare calculation is designed to pay all Pro's fairly in proportion to the amount of engagement they drive on the platform.


Playshare Rate x Plan Net Sales x 60%

Key terms to know



Playshare Rate

My Plan Monthly Active Followers / Total Monthly Active Followers

Plan Net Sales

Gross Sales - eCommerce Sales - Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees

Marketplace Fees + Any Payment Processing Fees

My Plan Monthly Active Followers

A user who follows your plan and is active within the period

Total Monthly Active Followers

All users who follow any plan and were active within the period

eCommerce Commissions

eCommerce sales are one-time purchases that are not related to plan purchase or subscriptions. Subscribers with Starter or Scale subscriptions can access their products hub to acquire tracking links for referring eCommerce sales.

When a customer uses your link to make an eCommerce purchase, you earn 25%.

Note: eCommerce commissions require a Starter subscription. 

You can find more information about the Starter subscription here.

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