Coaching accounts created after 1st Feb 2022:

Please contact Stripe directly for any banking questions. You will be able to set how often you receive bank payouts directly in Stripe.

Accounts created before 1st Feb 2022:

Client transactions are processed and made 'available for payout' on a 3-day rolling basis. I.e. it takes roughly 3 days for a client transaction to be available for payout. If the transaction is the first on your account, it can take longer as Stripe perform their initial checks.

We process payouts for coaches every Wednesday. This is to give the best chance of your payout appearing in your bank account before the weekend and to keep a steady stream of income to you.

Therefore, client transactions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are likely to miss the payout for that week, and will drop into the following payout the Wednesday after.

The Fitr Team.

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