So you want to create your own Benchmarks but you can't see how. This is because for the foreseeable future all Benchmarks will be created directly by Fitr.


Quite simply it's so we don't get duplicates of Benchmarks that are already created.

This is important for community wide analysis. Want to know where you or your clients sit in the wider community for their 1RM Back Squat? Want to know how you compare for your 2km row?

To make sure all Benchmark results 'talk' to each other, we need to make sure all coaches and clients are using the same centrally created Benchmarks.

If this wasn't the case, then we, in theory, could have every client working off a different 'version' of 1RM Back Squat and the results wouldn't talk to each other.

If you don't see a Benchmark you'd like to track, please just forward us the details to and we'll get it added.

The Fitr Team

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