Coaching accounts created after 1st Feb 2022:

Please head directly to your Stripe account to issue refunds.

Accounts created before 1st Feb 2022:

Only the owner of an account can issue a refund.

Step 1 - Head to the dashboard

From the dropdown menu, head to your dashboard. This is where you can see your full transaction history in Fitr Training.

As a note this is where you can also download any receipts and invoices you need. You can also export this information to CSV file, which will include direct links on them to download the respective invoices.

Step 2 - Find the client you need to issue a refund to

Use the search bar to find your client.

Step 3 - Click the ... option

...on the transaction that you'd like to refund. You'll see a refund option appear. Click this.

Step 4 - Issue the refund

An issue refund pop up will appear. The maximum you can refund is the gross price of the training program and the minimum is £1. Please note that you can only issue one refund per transaction.

That's it, the refund will be issued to your client.

The Fitr Team

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