This article is designed for coaches, if you're a client and looking to cancel, head here.

Follow these simple steps to cancel a client's subscription.

  1. Head to your client list and search for the client in question.

  2. Click the ... option next to the client's name.

  3. If they're subscribed to more than one program, you'll need to choose the ... option next to the correct training program to cancel.

  4. Follow the flow to cancel your client's subscription.

You'll notice there's two options.

  1. Cancel right now.

  2. Cancel at the end of the client's billing cycle.

If you want to stop the client's access to the training program from tomorrow, choose option 1. The client will get no further sessions delivered to their training calendar.

If you're happy for the client to receive training sessions up until the end of that billing cycle, choose option 2. Once they reach the natural end of their billing cycle, the program will cease. This mirrors how it works if a client cancels their own subscription.

Refunds with subscriptions

You'll notice that you can also issue a refund to a client at the same time. Let's say a client has subscribed to the wrong program and wants to change quickly.

You can cancel their subscription using option 1 (so no more sessions flow to the client) and offer them a refund at the same time. They can then sign up to the correct training program.

Please note that the refund will be actioned on the last transaction between you and the client for that training program.

For example, a client has been on your training program for 6 months. If you cancel their subscription and offer a refund, we'll action the refund against the 6th month. If you need to issue a refund for any month from 1-5, you need to head to your dashboard to do this.

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