Deleting a program

You can only delete a program if it has never been used by a client. This is because of the complications of removing the links between the program and the client's calendar.

To delete a program click the ... menu option from the main program listing and click 'Delete'.

If you don't see the delete option this means the program can't be deleted and must be archived instead, as so:

Archiving a program

You can archive a fixed length program at any time. This will not affect anyone currently following the program or people who have followed it in the past.

For subscription based programs it is not currently possible to archive a program that has active clients attached. You will either need to cancel their subscriptions for them, or wait for them to leave the program themselves.

To archive head to the ... menu from the main program list and click 'Archive'.

Programs that are archived will be removed from your main list (accessed via filters) and clients will no longer be able to download or subscribe to the program. It will also be removed from your public page if you had the program set as publicly available.


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