It could depend on the type of program.

Find the program type here

Custom and calendar based group programs

These will update real time for clients so any changes should reflect with a client straight away. Before getting in touch can you please check the program's visibility settings?

Here's how to check your program's visibility.

If this doesn't work and this is the program type, please get in touch.

Fixed Length programs

Any changes you make will automatically update for new and old clients.

If your client can't see the program, they may need to follow this guide before getting in touch -

Session 1, Day 1 programs

Clients always see 7 days in advance. A new day is sent to the client at midnight each day - GMT time. In effect the system is doing a refresh at that point.

If you've added training into this program today then the new training may not appear to your client until tomorrow, after which the system has 'refreshed' to show the client more.

We advise to keep more than 7 days in this program at all times to avoid any issues.


The Fitr Team

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