Coaching accounts created after 1st Feb 2022:

Please contact Stripe directly for any bank transfer issues.

Accounts created before 1st Feb 2022:

Ok, let's get to the bottom of this.

  1. Please check that the identity information you've uploaded in your 'payout' settings matches EXACTLY to that on the bank account. Bank accounts will block payouts from Stripe if the identity information you've used does not match to the owner of the bank account.

  2. Contact your bank and ask them if they have blocked any payouts from Stripe into your bank account. They should be able to provide you with a list if they have blocked anything.

If (1) is not correct please try and update your account so they match. If you have issues with this let us know via live chat.

If (2) the bank can provide a list of returned payouts, please get in contact with as at with that document and we'll investigate it with Stripe directly.

If the bank has not blocked any payouts please try and reconcile the payouts tab in your dashboard, with your bank statements. The dates may differ by a couple of days due to processing, weekends, holidays but they should match closely to your bank. The amounts will be exactly as per the payout.

If one of the missing payouts is very recent, please allow a couple of weeks for the payment to arrive before getting in touch, it could be a timing delay from Stripe.

If all else fails, please do get in touch with us on live chat and we'll investigate it for you.


The Fitr Team

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