The short answer is unfortunately not. But it's not all bad.

The reason we can't is that free programs and managed outside of Stripe which allows us to give them away for free. Paid programs are linked into Stripe so you can charge clients and make money.

What you can do is clone the free program using the ... menu on the main program listing.

This will create a copy of your free program in a draft state, including any programming that you built before if it's a fixed length or session 1 day 1 program, allowing you now to change the price.

If the program style is a group rolling calendar or custom program the programming won't automatically come across, however you can use our template feature to bring it across with ease. This article will help.

Any clients on the old program who you wish to now charge will need to subscribe to the new program.

If the program is subscription based you can actually can client subscriptions on their behalf - check out this article.

You can then invite them to the new program. Once everyone is off the old program you can archive it - check out this article.


The Fitr Team

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