For subscription based programs clients are charged on a rolling monthly basis. Once the client signs up we'll continue to take payment unless they decide to cancel or you cancel the program for them.

The payment will come out roughly the same date each month as the date of original sign up, give or take a couple of days. It is not possible to move this date.

If the program is 'paid-for' and the client (or you) cancels the subscription, the client will remain active until the end of their billing cycle. E.g. if they cancelled on the 16th and the next payment would have been the 22nd, the client will retain access until the 21st and then stop.

If the program is a free subscription then as there's no billing period as such, access to the program will stop from the following day.

Need to cancel your client's subscription - Click here.

Are you a client and need to cancel - Click here.


The Fitr Team

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