Daily leaderboards.

Think of these as ‘throw-away’ leaderboards you can add to your programming as and when you need them. In the CrossFit world they would be your daily gym workout leaderboard. So you too can now create a daily leaderboard in this way for EACH of your workouts that prescribes a score.

This is great for clients to interact with each other and build up your community ethos as clients can add their scores, compare themselves against each other, throw likes and comments on scores and then move onto the next day and a new leaderboard.

We also offer the ability for clients to say they ‘scaled’ the workout (for example they reduced the number of reps, simplified the movement or lowered the weights to suit their ability) the workout too. The daily leaderboard will automatically separate those scores that are RX (as the coach intended) and those marked as scaled (changed slightly).

These daily leaderboards are not designed to be repeatable workouts to track progress over time. They are designed to offer some remote social interaction between coaches and their clients, and amongst the clients themselves too.

The graphic above shows how daily leaderboards are specific to each program, they can’t be linked across multiple programs. If you want this, check out ‘Challenges’.


Challenges ARE designed to be repeatable workouts that a client can keep a track of progress over time. In addition you can insert challenges in any of your programs and we’ll collate all the scores into your centralised leaderboard. See the graphic below.

CrossFit has pre-described named benchmark workouts such as Grace, Fran, Annie etc. We’ve preloaded over 800 of these named workouts ready for you to use plus you can create your own too!

Challenges, unlike daily leaderboards, will only have one challenge leaderboard. Therefore, if you use a challenge multiple times, we’ll keep collating the scores in one place.

Clients and coaches alike can still like scores, leave comments and we’ll offer a filter to order the leaderboard by ‘Best score’ or ‘Latest score’.

We all know that we don’t always PB a workout! The ‘Best score’ filter will show each client’s best ever score, their PB, whereas ‘Latest score’ will show the latest client result and it's simple to flick between the two.

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