Let's start with an example workout:

"100 burpees for time.

5 minutes rest

100 burpees for time.

5 minutes rest.

100 burpees for time."

Yea, we wouldn't want to do it either but it highlights how you can use intervals nicely. Wouldn't it be great if you could see how quickly the client performed each set of 100 burpees?

Do they keep the same pace? Do they take longer and longer? With intervals you can ask your client to record a timed entry for each set of 100 burpees, and decide how you want to total the intervals for an overall leaderboard score.

Do you want to take the best time? Average of the three? or simply sum all the times together?

Let's build this one together. (The process is the same for custom built challenges or daily leaderboards).

Step 1: Choose the scoring metric:

In this case we're going to use 'Time'.

Step 2: Set the number of intervals:

We're going to use 3.

Step 3: How do you want to calculate the overall leaderboard score?

We're going to sum all three interval times together:

Step 4: Check you're happy.

After you've created the challenge or added the daily leaderboard you'll see a summary of what you've created. If it's wrong, just delete the score, or edit the challenge, and make the required corrections.

Step 5: It's over to your client

Your client will be able to record a score for each interval, and the system will take care of the leaderboard calculation automatically.

The Leaderboard

Clients and coaches alike can expand results to see all the individual intervals, as well as the overall score, directly on the leaderboard.

It's as simple as that, you can play around with intervals on all sorts of workouts and challenges. If you need more help, please get in touch via online system chat support.


The Fitr Team

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