Remote doesn't mean you can't see or speak to each other and with the rise and rise of Zoom, Teams, Facebook Live and Google Hangouts to name the biggies, we've put together a simple guide on how you can utilise them into your training programs on Fitr Training.

Let's say every Saturday the clients on a certain program can link in at 9am via Zoom to workout together with you. What a great way to start the weekend!

Add the live event link into your training program onto the correct day and note the time the event will start; we've said 9am. You can let your client know what the workout will be too if you want.

Fitr Training will recognise the URL link in the program, so to display it to your client as so:

You client doesn't have to enter any codes, they simply click the URL link and they'll be taken to your chosen live event provider.

How about offering something a little extra? Why not record the event and update the training program's schedule afterwards with a link to it? Clients who couldn't make it to the live event can now watch and workout with you and the gang 'on-demand'.

Or, why not perform your introduction to the workout the night before, perhaps even a version of the workout so that those up early in the morning and want to work out, can still get the video on-demand effect?

We'd love to see how you get on doing this, drop us a line on live chat and we'll catch up.


The Fitr Team

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