Your Storefront is a place to showcase who you are, what you do and directly links to the programs you've built and want to promote to the world. (You can keep programs hidden from your Storefront too).

Think of this like your very own website landing page.

Why manage another website when you can build one in Fitr.

Head to your Storefront via the main menu:

Turn your Storefront into 'edit' mode here:

You can then work your way down your Storefront to update the relevant areas, such as who you are, and even choose the programs that appear on the face of your Storefront. Client's will be able to 'see all' don't worry and you can hide program's from your Storefront too - learn how here.

Further down your Storefront you'll see the ability to add testimonials and even your own FAQ bank.

One important aspect to note is the ability to customise your Storefront's URL - here:

Customise this link from the default to make it more professional and easy to find when sharing to the world. Remember if you even edit this in the future, you'll need to remember to update the link wherever you have used it, e.g. on your social media.

Here's a couple of really good examples of how the Storefront can be used:

Prepared Programming -

JST Compete -

If you need anymore help, please get in touch via live chat.


The Fitr Team

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