The leaderboard

You can learn about the difference between daily leaderboards and challenges here. You can learn about how to use Daily Leaderboards here, and how to use Challenges here.

With both, a leaderboard is created.

You can access the leaderboard either by clicking the button at the top of each part that uses one, like this:

Or by heading to Leaderboards from your main navigation menu:

We'll provide a summary of the top five scores on the leaderboard and if you'd like to see the full breakdown, click the 'view full leaderboard' button at the bottom of the summary.

The detailed leaderboard

Here you can like scores and if you have used 'intervals', see the breakdown of your client's scores. If a client has scaled their performance, we'll automatically split the leaderboard in two, one above the other.

Commenting on scores

If a client's score hasn't been selected you'll see the right hand side of the leaderboard says 'overall leaderboard comments'. This is where you can leave a comment for everyone, as Jane as done on the screenshot above.

You can also comment on a particular client's score. Click their name and you'll see them turn green and the right hand side change too, to reflect the person's score and any comments, as so:

We'll send the relevant notifications to people about comments on leaderboards. You can also mention the whole leaderboard or a specific person.

Mentions on leaderboards

@Mentions are a way of talking to a specific person, or the whole leaderboard. E.g. "Hey @leaderboard, great work today!" or "Hey @Tom Smith, awesome score on the leaderboard.

Simply type @... and the system will show you the potential options, like so:

You can also use mentions in Communities (Inbox area) via @person's_name and @community.

If you need anymore help on leaderboards, please let us know on live chat.


The Fitr Team

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