A part in a day can be whatever you'd like it to be. It can be a warmup, it can be notes to the client, you're totally in control.

Here's an example of a schedule where the coach has used a part to create a warm-up and different elements of training they want a client to do:

To add a new text based part, hover over the add new part icon on any day:

The right sidebar will open with the new part ready to be made.

Give your part a title and add what you want your client to do. This can be anything you want, you're totally in control. Remember that your client will have the opportunity to write a performance note against each part you create, so it's helpful to split up your days.

On the next screen you can see the detail of the part has been added and we've circled the ability to add media into this part too:

You can add media you wish to the part, such as movement videos to guide your clients on the proper technique for the movements you've set.

You can add your own media items, link into YouTube videos and use one of our ever growing library of Fitr Training branded professionally shot videos.

It doesn't just have to be pictures or videos too, it can be documents too. You're in control.

Once you've added media, it will look like this:

if you'd like to know about linking benchmarks, a more advanced feature:

Click here.

You can quickly add another part to a day here:

Or using the Ctrl+N shortcut.

Once you're happy with a day, simply click save in the bottom right hand corner:

That's it, nice and simple.

If you'd like to learn about using daily leaderboards and challenges, click on the relevant name and we'll direct you to specific articles on each.

To learn about templates, click here.

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