What better way to entice a new client than give them a period of time to try you program before they commit.

You can build integrated trial periods into your subscription based programs, and here's how.

When setting the price of your program, look out for the trial option at the bottom of the pop up:

Choose from the available options and then once you're happy click 'set price'.

You'll see that you've integrated a trial on the program's summary page here:

Follow the usual steps to complete the process of creating a program.

If a client cancels before the end of the trial period, they will not be charged.

If they don't cancel, when the trial ends they'll be moved onto a paying subscription automatically. We do not pro-rate the first charge, they will be charged and get access for a full billing period from that date.

E.g - £20/month program.

  • 7 day trial starts on 1st Jan. Client doesn't cancel.

  • 8th Jan - client charged £20.

  • Client's billing period will be 8th-7th of following month.

  • 8th Feb - client charged £20.

  • And so on.

Remember you can also use coupons to offer incentives on your programming.

You can see who's on a trial and how long they have left in the client listing of each program:

And via your main client list, with the 'in-trial' option selected:

That's it, a totally automated way to offer a 'try before you buy' option to your clients.

If you need more help, please contact us on live chat.


The Fitr Team

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