You can add media to any part on any day of your programming. It's a great way to offer a video from the coach running through what's involved, adding a movement standard video to show clients the proper technique for what you've set, or to simply add a document you want a client to download.

On the part in the schedule click the 'add media' button:

You'll then be greeted by this screen where you have various options:

If you've already got your videos on YouTube or the video you want to add is larger than 200mb, you can link to it directly from YouTube.

Just copy the YT URL into the section at the top and press enter. We'll keep a record of all the URLs you've added so you don't need to start from scratch each time.

My Library

You can add your own media and documents into the system, with a limit on file size of 200mb per item. Click or drag your item(s) into the blue box to start their upload. Again we'll keep them in your library for each of access.


You're also free to use any of the movement videos we've uploaded onto the system. We'll continue to add more and more of these over time.

If you need more help please let us know via live chat.


The Fitr Team

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