Client Lifetime Value (CLTV)

This is the total amount earned from this client across all the programs they've followed. You can see your client's lifetime value here:

You can order your clients by their CLTV using the small 'v' next to the column title. Make sure you keep your top earning clients happy as they are the ones brining in the income for you.

Program Lifetime Value (PLTV)

You can see the total earnings from a single program by scrolling to the right and looking at the PLTV column:

Under the earnings on that program you will also see how long the client has been on the program for.

Some client may be following more than one program. Please make note that the columns to the right of the program name, relate to that program only:

You can change the program that's highlighted on the face of the client list by using this option:

This information box will guide on on the available settings:

You can also click here to open a pop up to show all active programs the client is following:

If you need more help, please contact us on live chat.


The Fitr Team

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