So that you can focus on a specific program's completion statistics and PLTV we only show the detail of one program next to each client on the face of the client list.

There's a few ways to tweak what you can see.


Filter by the program type. By default your client list will show clients on any program type. If you'd like to focus your attention on your custom clients, for example, click 'Custom' from the filter list.

Change highlighted program

If the client is only following one program then we'll show that program no matter what view option is chosen.

By default if the client is following more than one program, we'll show the program with the high part completion %.

You can change this to day % completion or by highest price. If there are other options you'd like, please let us know as

You can also see the detail of each of a client's programs by click the 'see all' next to a program name, where applicable:

This will open a pop up where you can see the detail on each program:

If you need more help, please contact us via live chat.


The Fitr Team

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