Remember you can decide what clients are shown on your client list using the filters option:

This may be helpful if you only want to focus on your custom programs for example. You can also search for a specific client in the search bar.

You will notice next to each client a program name and a column shortly after called completion rate:

The completion rate stats relate to that program. If you need to change the program, please see this article for more details.

There are various display boxes for a client's completion stats, as follows:

Depending on whether a client has completed all, some or none of the training you'll see a different box. In addition we'll show you were a client may have only viewed the day however not added any performance notes or marked the part as complete.

You can change the time period you're looking at here:

It is very useful to combine this information with a clients mood/energy levels (see here), their client status (see here) and their lifetime value (see here). A review of the combination of these factors can indicate whether a client is happy and likely to stay with your programming or not.

If you need more help, please let us know via live chat.


The Fitr Team

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