You can quickly access a summary of a clients performances by heading to their name on the client list, scrolling to the right and clicking 'view activity':

This will take you to a screen, a bit like this:

Here you can see the client is following two programs:

  • Bespoke Programming; and

  • Saturday Live Workouts.

By default the 'to review' filter is on:

This will highlight days & parts that a client's left feedback and dull out those the client hasn't left any comments to review. This means you can focus on what's important. You can always turn this off if you wish.

You can get a month's view at your client's mood and energy levels:

And you can see on the following screenshot, the client has left 1 performance note that needs your review:

If you click on that block, the slider will open and you'll be able to see where their performance note is:

If you open up this part, you'll see the client's note. You can leave a comment for the client right there and then.

Do you need to build new training for that client on that program right away? You can quickly switch to the review and build area of the program by clicking this button at the bottom of the slider:

Please note that this will take you to the schedule area of that program. You can learn more about our 'review & build' feature on this article. It will go into more detail about how you can review, leave client comments and build new training all in the same place.

Think of the 'view activity' screen as a summary of the client's performances, a portal to link to more detailed areas, or to quickly review without needing to head into the schedule of the program.

If you need more help, please let us know via live chat.


The Fitr Team

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