Forget messaging a group of clients one by one, use the bulk send feature to send a direct message to a group of clients in one go.

There are two ways to send a bulk message:

1. Via the main program listing.

Simply click on the ... option menu to the right of the program name and click 'send bulk message'.

2. Via the 'Message' button in the main program view.

Note: If you're in a fixed length program you won't see the option to message the community. Communities (learn more here) are only available on subscription based programs.

Depending on the program type you will then see the option to choose who you'd like to message. For example, you may want to message all clients who are currently in their trial period, or those that have unsubscribed.

The choice is yours.

Each client will receive a direct message to their Fitr inbox and if they have the app and notifications turned on, an instant notification it's there.

Any further conversation between you and the client will be purely on a one to one basis.

If you need more help, please contact us via live chat.


The Fitr Team

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