You can ask your clients to agree to your very own pre-acceptance terms and conditions before they download or sign up to a program.

To add a waiver:

1. To an existing program

Head into the program overview page and place it into edit mode:

Scroll down until you see the option to add a waiver onto the program.

2. To a new brand program

On the first step of the program creation flow, scroll to the bottom where you will see the option to add your waiver:

How does it look to the client?

When a client presses the purchase/get for free button on the program they will be greeted with a pop up something like this, containing all the information you added into the waiver settings.

Once the client accepts the terms of the waiver they will be able to continue to purchase the program, or if the program is free they'll automatically receive / be subscribed to the program.

Check the log of what your client has accepted.

We hope you don't need to check this down the line, but if you ever need to reference what a client agreed to and exactly when, head to their client profile by click on their name on your client list.

Click the ... menu to the right of their name and click 'waiver acceptance'.

You will then be greeted with an exact date and time stamp of when the client agreed to your terms, and what terms they agreed to. Something like this:

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The Fitr Team

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