Hidden your program from your Storefront but want to make extra sure someone doesn't stumble across it?

Handling payment outside of Fitr and want to limit access to a free program to only those you know have paid you?

Offering a free program to clients who purchase another program but don't want anyone else to get it?

You've come to the right place!

You can limit the ability to download or subscribe to any program to a specific email address and/or a current client(s) via the 'Accessibility' option in each of your program's settings area.

Head to settings:

Scroll down until you see 'Accessibility' and flick the toggle to 'Private':

Enter either specific email addresses and/or choose from current clients:

The list will automatically save as you update the names/emails. There is nothing to manually save.

Clients 'not on the list' will not be able to download or subscribe to the program. Please note that this will only affect new clients who try to access the program. If someone already has the program and then you make the program private and they aren't included, they will remain on the program, or have access to it in the future if it's a fixed length program.

If you need anymore help, please contact us on Live Chat.


The Fitr Team

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