Unfortunately there's no magic button, we wish there was. Until we find such a quick solution here's a guide on how you can move clients from one platform to another. This process has worked for coaching providers on the system who have moved over 500 clients.


1. Download a transaction list from your current payment merchant. With dates of all recurring payments cross referenced with client names and email address.

2. Give multiple notices to your clients about the switch to Fitr with reasons why (make them excited for it), either via email or dropped in their training program as a note. Make them aware there will be refunds made for days they will have paid twice for.

3. Choose a 1-2 week period that you plan to get everyone switched across on. Write the programming in both platforms during this time. Stop writing programming in the old platform on the last day which you have highlighted to switch across.

4. Provide all members with relevant URL link to their program on Fitr.

5. Once you receive a member sign up on Fitr. cancel their membership on the old platform.

6. You will then need to process a pro-rata refund to the member for every day they have paid twice. (You can do this in Fitr, or maybe in the old platform? Your choice)

How to calculate clients refunds.

  • Days in month: 31 days

  • Amount they paid: £30

  • Daily rate: £30 divided by 31 = £1.03

  • Date they last paid old platform: 2nd August

  • Date they sign up to Fitr: 15th August (payment will leave their bank account on day of sign up)

  • Days they have paid double: 13

Refund calculation: 13 days x £1.03 = £13.43

Once refund is made, they can be ticked off the list created in 1. and they are good to go.

We hope this helps


The Fitr Team

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