Quick Project Setup Video Guide

STEP 1: Before we start you need to be registered with both

  1. Flamelink and
  2. Firebase (Note - Firebase requires you to sign in with a it's mandatory to signup using a google account

STEP 2: Select to Add New Project from both (Keep both pages open)

  1. Flamelink and
  2. Firebase -  use existing / new project

STEP 3: Link your Firebase project with Flamelink

a. App Code

We need your project code in order to Link your Firebase project with Flamelink CMS

  • Get started by adding Firebase to your app, Cope the Firebase Code Web App Snippet <> and paste it in your Flamelink Project Setup

b. Database Rules

The database rules will ensure you can correctly save data to Firebase, take note of the RTDB vs Firestore selection here:

  1. Create your Database
  2. Copy the rules from the Flamelink Setup page and
  3. Paste the code snippet in the Firebase Database Rules, remember to select "Publish"

c. Storage Permissions

It is required to update your storage bucket rules to include the Flamelink namespace to read and writing access as follows:

  1. Copy the Storage rules from the Flamelink Setup page and
  2. Paste the code snippet in the Firebase Storage Rules, remember to select "Publish"

d. Password Authentication

Enable the toggle on your Firebase console under authentication to give Flamelink permission

  1. Within Firebase, select Authentication >Sign-in Method
  2. Enable Email/Password

e. User setup

Enter the initial user you would like to register for the project:

  • By adding the project, you will be deemed the project owner. If you choose "Use my credentials" we will create the initial user with your current login details.
  • The initial CMS User will be created with your current Flamelink username and password, however if they are different, you will be prompted to enter the password used to setup your Firebase account.
  • Note that you can also add additional CMS Users to the project via the “Manage Project” section within Flamelink.

STEP 4: Finish by selecting your subscription plan

For steps on how to Set-up your schema builder have a look here

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