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How to reset a password for a user in Firebase
How to reset a password for a user in Firebase

Reset a user password via Firebase console for your project if you have difficulty logging in or accepting an invitation

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Before we dig in, we need to clarify which login we are dealing with.
Flamelink requires 2 different logins:

  1. Your Flamelink login
    This login gives you access to your Flamelink profile and list of connected projects, and resides on the Flamelink infrastructure.

  2. Your Firebase project login
    This login gives you access to your project in order to manage your content, users, permissions, etc, and resides on your Firebase project under the Authentication section in the Firebase Console.

A common misconception is that the password is the same for your 
Flamelink login and your project login. It would only be the same, if
you decided to use the same password to sign up with Flamelink that
you use for the user in your Firebase project. Otherwise these would
be different.

By way of example:

Flamelink login
pw: FlamelinkPassword1234

MyFirebaseProject login
pw: existingUserPassword1234

Entering "FlamelinkPassword1234" when trying to log into your project
or accepting an invitation via Flamelink will result in an "Invalid
username or password" error.

This article will cover: "2. Your Firebase project login"
In order to reset the password for a particular user, you will need access to the given project in Firebase.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Firebase console and sign in.

Step 2 - Select the project from your dashboard

Step 3 - Select the "Authentication" tab and search for the given user

Step 4 - Hover over the user record, and select the "context menu" on the right

Step 5 - Select "Reset Password" from the menu and select send

The user will receive an email with a link to reset their password. Once the user has reset their password, they can use the new password to "Accept" a project invitation or log into the project via the Flamelink dashboard if they have already accepted the invitation and had forgotten their password.

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