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How to settle an outstanding payment for Flamelink paid plan
How to settle an outstanding payment for Flamelink paid plan

Settle an outstanding balance for Firestarter, Bonfire, Infero, Wildfire plans and additional users.

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If you are experiencing an inactive account, it might be because there is an outstanding balance due to:

1. Card has expired

2. Insufficient funds

3. Secure Customer Authentication required (SCA)

You can easily settle the outstanding balance on your account by following these steps.

(Please note: You need to be a project owner in order to change billing details.)

Step 1 - Select "Manage Project"

Step 2 - Select "Settle Outstanding Payment"

If you have trouble settling a payment, please ensure your default card is still valid and it has not expired.

In the event that you need to add an additional card, or want to replace the current card, be sure to click "SELECT AS DEFAULT".

Troubleshooting Authenticating new cards or setting default cards

At times, authenticating a new card can be troublesome depending on your financial institution, when this happens, please try the following:

  1. Set the original card as default and remove all newly added cards

  2. Refresh your browser

  3. Add the new card (again as the second card) without setting it as the default

  4. Once it has been added, set it as the default

  5. Refresh the browser

  6. Try to remove the original card

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