Connecting your WooCommerce eshop to Flashchat is easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard, using your wordpress credentials. The login page 

can be accessed in the address: your_shop_address/admin or your_shop_address/wp-admin (eg.

2. Within your Dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New 

3. After pressing Add New, search for Flashchat plugin, then press Install: 

4. After successful installation, press Activate to activate the plugin: 

5. Now that the plugin has been activated, Click on Settings notification to go to the Flashchat Plugin Settings Page. From there, you can configure your plugin. 

6. On the Settings Page, click on WooCommerce Settings. You need to check the box 

Legacy API and then Save Changes. 

7. Head back to Flashchat App Settings and click Start Integration. This will open a

new tab in your browser, prompting you to give access permissions to Flashchat App..

8. Click Approve on the permissions page. Then you will be redirected to Flashchat to 

create a new account. If you already have a flashchat account, it will be automatically updated with your woocommerce shop data. 

9. Follow our onboarding steps to create your Flashchat acccount.

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