Transferring your Facebook Messenger subscribers from your current Messenger Marketing platform to Flashchat is easy.

All Messenger Marketing Platform providers are required to keep a list of your subscribers' ID's (called PSIDs) and provide them to you upon request. This means that if you message or email your current provider, they must send you a file containing your Facebook Follower data.

This file can be later used by us, to transfer your audience to our service.

There are two ways to go about the transfer:

  1. For Manychat Pro user's, you can export your Facebook Audience data by going to the "Audience" tab in your Manychat dashboard. If your require further assistance with that, feel free to email us at
  2. For users of any other Messenger Marketing Platform, just email your provider and request your audience's Facebook Messenger data (or PSIDs as Facebook calls them). They must send them to you.
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