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How to Request an Integration
How to Request an Integration
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How to request a new Integration

Flatly's Paid Private Beta Program

Flatly, by default, will add almost all new Data Sources requested by our clients, if those Data Sources have a modern public REST API. The same is true for some Data Destinations.

The only open variable is when.

We have a large, existing engineering queue with a range of priorities.

Since some of our clients want us to raise the priority of new Integration additions, we offer a Paid Private Beta Program with the following terms:

  • Annual Lawnroller subscription required, up-front, non-refundable as a one-time payment.

  • Flatly raises the urgency and priority of the Integration to become immediate.

  • Beta program takes about 14 days.

  • Requires email exchange with Flatly to discuss and test the new Integration.

  • New Integration, once finished, is made available exclusively to the beta participant for 30 days afterward.

  • New Integration is then made available to existing Flatly clients for the next 30.

  • New Integration is then made publicly available.

  • Beta participant enjoys a lifetime 50% discount on any Flatly subscription starting Year2.

To request a new Integration, simply start a chat with us from the Help Desk.

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