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Flatly Infrastructure + Security
Flatly Infrastructure + Security

Details about Flatly Infrastructure and Security

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Flatly is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and protected by Cloudflare.

Flatly is built on Firebase.

  • Firebase is a database-as-a-service hosted and operated by Google.

  • Flatly encrypts all data at rest and in transit (HTTPS).

Flatly passed Intuit's Security Review each year since 2021 and partners with RedSentry for security audits.

Flatly is a conduit architecture.

Flatly does not store clients' business data itself (like CRM data for example) on any of our infrastructure. After a job runs (successfully or not) Flatly permanently deletes a temporary cache from our server that was required for the flattening process to work.

Reliable Integration Partners.

Flatly uses trusted and reliable third party intermediaries for many of our integrations:

  • Plaid for connectivity to financial institutions.

  • Merge for connectivity to HR/ATS institutions.

Session Auto-Sign-out

Flatly sessions time out after 1 hour of inactivity and every 24 hours. Then clients must re-authenticate to Flatly.

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