Important:  Flatly will sync full, current  Firebase JSON nodes,  not just new, single rows, to your cloud drives. This is a one-way sync to cloud drives.

Setup time: Approximately 3 minutes.

STEP 1: Create a Database Secret:

Go to your Firebase Project Settings > Service Accounts > Database Secrets and create a new Database Secret which you'll use in Step 4 below. Ignore the deprecation warning.

STEP 2: Prepare your Firebase path:

Browse your database in your Firebase Console and note the path displayed in the in-console browser address bar that looks like this:

Firebase provides you with unique paths for all the various parents and children in your Firebase database.

Once you have selected the exact YOURPATH and YOURNODE that you want to flatten (as in the example above) continue to step 3.



Step 3: Select your Data Destination

Select your Data Destination from the following:

Google Drive (includes Google Sheets)

Microsoft OneDrive (includes Excel Online)

Microsoft OneDrive for Business (includes Excel Online)



Microsoft Azure

Amazon S3

Step 4: Authorize Firebase

Enter your Firebase path (from Step 2) into the path field.

Enter your Database Secret (from Step 1) into the secret field.

At the Select File to Flatten step, experiment by running jobs with Uniform JSON and Varied JSON and check the layout in your flat file to see which one you need.

Set the remaining preferences for your Job, including frequency: (every 10 minutes, every 1 hour, every 1 day, etc.)

Click Run Once Now to test.

Click Run Per Schedule.

Done. You can safely log out of Flatly. It is advisable to return periodically to check your logs.

Reminder: Firebase may charge you for bandwidth depending on your plan. If you have a gigantic database, be mindful of the bandwidth being used every time Flatly reads your database.


-Try both parent nodes and child nodes to see what works best for you.

-Experiment with Uniform JSON and Varied JSON to see which one fits.

-Try generating a new secret/key in Firebase and see if that helps.

-Double check every single character and space in your path.

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