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Bad Request Error | Status 400
Bad Request Error | Status 400
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Possible cause 1: Your data source provider imposes some kind of limit on the total quantity of data Flatly may request (example: 30,000 tickets). Contact your data source provider and ask them to raise this limit.

Possible cause 2: If you see the error message "Bad Request" or similar, then it is most likely that Flatly needs to fix the particular Source File (example: Deals) that you are trying to flatten. This is a bug.

You should open a ticket via the Help Desk to report the issue to Flatly so we can correct it.

It is likely that other Source Files in the same Data Source (example: Base CRM) will work fine, but the individual Source File that you tried to flatten has a problem.

Possible cause 3: There is a very small chance that your data, inside your business app, is missing certain fields or data that Flatly is trying to flatten. Since they don't exist, your job cannot complete, and a Bad Request error will be reported.

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