Getting Started: Xero + Flatly
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Flatly is a web app that automatically reads and exports copies of your Xero accounting data to flat files in popular cloud storage apps.

Flatly is one-way only:  it reads data from Xero and writes data to cloud storage.
Flatly is entirely point-and-click and does not require any technical skills.

These flat files are typically maintained to serve 5 common purposes:

-Connecting accounting data to business intelligence apps
-Analyzing accounting data using custom formulas
-Blending accounting data with data from other sources
-Sharing accounting data with teammates
-Backing up accounting data for piece of mind

To use Xero with Flatly you need to have an existing Xero account.

You will also need a Flatly account (free trial) at

You may create a Flatly account using Signin with Microsoft, Signin with Google, or a non-disposable email address like (

Step 1: Select Xero as your Data Source

Step 2: Select any Data Destination

Step 3: Authorize Xero by clicking on Authorize under Authorize Data Source

Step 5: Select which cloud storage Folder will store your Xero data

Step 6: Select which File from Xero you would like to flatten

Step 7: Scroll down the page until you see the Flatten Once button

Final steps: Flatten once and Flatten per Frequency

Flatten your data one time by clicking "Flatten Once" and then take 5 minutes to inspect your flat file inside your cloud drive (in the folder you selected in Step 5)

If it looks good, click on Flatten Daily.

You're done!  Your flat file will always be up to date.  You can safely close Flatly.

It is a good idea to come back and check your Logs from time to time.

Logs are located at the top of the page (header navigation menu).

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