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Helpful info about Flatly's pricing

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Flatly is currently the most affordable ETL-to-cloud storage solution in its class.

Flatly offers discounts for Non-Profits (.ORG) and clients from geographies with sensitive Exchange Rates (benchmarked at India)

For all other clients we offer a few helpful hints to reduce your bill:

  • Use Flatly's File Filter setting (in Advanced Settings) to limit the size of the data being flattened by using predefined filters created in your Data Source app.

  • Use Flatly's Column Filtering setting (in Advanced Settings) to exclude unwanted columns -excluded columns do not count against your cell count.

  • Consider manually running your jobs (Click "Flatten Once") whenever you need them to run, so you do not have to select a Plan with a faster available frequency for automatic job runs.

  • If you can reduce your cell count to under 100K cells, and only need 1 job at a daily frequency, request enrollment in Flatly's Sponsored Free Plan*. * = Limited to non-bank datasources, and may be subject to changes.

  • Get paid referral bounties by Flatly for referring new clients to Flatly:

  • Consider subscribing to an Annual plan, which saves you 10% or more relative to Monthly plans.

  • Look for holiday sales at Flatly, such as the Spreadsheet Day sale in October.

  • Consider Reviewing Flatly on popular review sites like Capterra, with positive or negative feedback, in exchange for a discount on your plan.

Other helpful hints:

  • If you are using Flatly for commercial purposes, your subscription expense may be tax deductible. Check with your local tax authority to confirm this. Be sure to keep all the invoice receipts Flatly sends you.

  • Flatly will always offer a Monthly subscription option, so you can always disable your Flatly subscription for any duration, if you don't need it, and then reactivate it later. Your jobs are retained for 90 days and then auto-deleted.

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