Getting Started

Flatly provides an easy way for Lever administrators to automatically export and sync Lever data to CSV, XLSX (Excel) or Sheets (Google Sheets or SmartSheet) files in cloud storage.

For a full overview of the data sets and data destinations available visit:

Start a free trial at Flatly at

Select Lever as your Data Source

Select any Data Destination

Authorize Lever by clicking the "Authorize" button below the Lever icon logo.

Now Lever is connected to Flatly.

Authorize your Data Destination, whatever it may be, in the same process, and then scroll down to continue.

Select the Data to Flatten in the next row down, and Flatly will automatically name your file based on your selection.

Scroll down and click the green Flatten Once to sync your data once from Lever to your Data Destination.

Flatly will present you with a clickable icon logo that will take you directly to your flat file in your Data Destination.

Inspect your flat file and make sure it looks correct. If it does, return to Flatly and click the Flatten Daily button. Flatly will refresh your flat file daily.

If you need different data, try a different Data to Flatten, check out the Advanced Settings or reach out to Flatly Support.

Using the Integration Ongoing

Get in touch with your in-house Business Intelligence expert to connect downstream tools like PowerBI or Google Data Studio to your flat file. Your flat file will be refreshed automatically and there is nothing else you need to do in Flatly.

Additional links:

Managing the Integration in Lever

Flatly is a read-only application relative to Lever. You will not see any changes made to your Lever data.

However you can disconnect Flatly from within your Lever dashboard by going to:

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