Select Multiple Accounts on Initial Plaid Connection

If you plan to have many different jobs connecting to the same financial institution, then select as many Accounts (checking, saving, etc.) as possible on your FIRST CONNECTION (often this is job1) to this financial institution in the Plaid Interface.

You do not need this initial job to be running (replicating data). It can sit dormant.

Then you can expect Jobs 2, 3, 4 and so on, to run smoothly, if they are using the same financial institution that you authorized in your initial connection/job (often job1 but it does not have to be job1).

You may select *any* accounts in these subsequent jobs.

Troubleshooting Existing Connections

If you have been using Flatly for a while and are troubleshooting an existing set of jobs at the same financial instiution, disconnect all Plaid-connected jobs and re-connect them all (Following the guidance at the top of this page), then restart them.

You should now see fewer errors.

For Chase specifically, contact Flatly Support. Otherwise, follow the above steps.

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